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Canon Powershot G9 Review

Friday, August 8th, 2008

The Canon Powershot G9 looks to all intents and purposes exactly like its predecessor, the G7, but underneath the serious matt black exterior are a veritable wealth of changes.

The G9 is an incremental upgrade in the truest sense; externally the body is almost identical, and there are only three really key changes; the raw mode, the screen and the sensor.

This is a 12.1 megapixel digital camera (up from the G7’s 10 megapixels) with a 3” LCD screen (increased from 2.5 inches) which sees the very welcome return of RAW mode. Canon caused uproar among G-series users when they decided to omit RAW mode from the G7, presumably to try and differentiate it from the budget EOS 400D DSLR camera, so it’s refreshing that they’ve listened to their customers by bringing it back. The swivelling, flip-out LCD screen of the older G6 model unfortunately hasn’t also made a come-back, but the larger 3 inch PureColor screen partly makes up for that. The 6x optical zoom lens offers an effective focal length of 35-210mm, there’s an optical image stabilizer to help combat camera-shake, plus an optical viewfinder and flash hotshoe. Under the surface the Canon G9 uses the same advanced DIGIC III processor as the company’s digital SLR cameras for faster performance and image processing. (more…)